Boston is served by two commuter rail systems, one extending to the north of the city, the other to the south. They are disconnected from each other, and neither connects fully to our subway system.  The result is a fragmented region in which workers and employers cannot access each other efficiently, where highway congestion is severe, and economic opportunity is very unequally distributed.

These disconnections squander the potential of our existing transportation infrastructure and hobble our regional economy, particularly impacting areas to the north and west of the city.

Connecting our northern and southern rail lines with a rail link between North and South Stations will transform our hodgepodge of 19th century rail lines into a world class regional rail system, leveraging the value of our existing rail infrastructure and vastly increasing access and opportunity across the region.

Map of existing commuter rail system, with no connection between north and south.  [© Brad Bellows Architects]

Map of unified system, with all commuter rail and transit lines connected in downtown Boston.   [© Brad Bellows Architects]