The North South Rail Link will improve efficiency, mobility, and capacity throughout Massachusetts, New England, and the Northeast Corridor.


The North South Rail Link will improve transportation connectivity, increase competitiveness and efficiency for the region, make commuting more convenient and accessible to all, and reduce the environmental impact of commuting.

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A North South Rail Connector for Boston, Video by Jacob Beizer / Harvard Kennedy School, August 17, 2017

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Modern Tunnel Boring Machines allow efficient construction with minimal disruption. This technology has been used successfully for hundreds of projects, including the Red Line Extension in Cambridge.

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Cities around the world, facing the same challenges we do, have recently built or are currently building rail links between their downtown terminals, to increase capacity and efficiency while reducing the need for intrusive urban rail yards. 

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Massachusetts has one of the most extensive rail networks in the world. Learn more about how it was built, how plans to unify it were interrupted by highway programs in the latter 20th century, and why unification needs to be completed now. 

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